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Why attend a ‘Google in Education Summit’ in 2013?

January 4th, 2013 // 3:15 am @ admin

2013 is shaping up to be a breakout year in the Education field for Google Apps, Chromebooks, Google GEO products and Android tablets, and CloudSource Solutions, along with many other Google education partners are organising Summits quite literally across the world in 2013. A question we are often asked is “Why should [...]

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Press Release about 2013 Prague Summits:

November 13th, 2012 // 7:50 am @ admin

The International School of Prague, together with Google in Education announce the second annual ‘European Google Apps for Education Summit’ and the first annual ‘European Google Geo Summit’
The Google Apps for Education Summit is based on the successful  ‘Google in Education’ format and is focused on helping educators get the most out of Google Apps [...]

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Case study: The International community School London selects CourseDirector LMS for Google Apps for Education to manage its cutting-edge curriculum

June 27th, 2012 // 2:10 am @ admin

The institution
The International Community School is part of the SKOLA Group of Schools. It was established in 1979 and is an International Baccalaureate World School. Today, it is one of very few schools in the UK that offers the full range of International Baccalaureate programmes (Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma) for students aged 3 [...]

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An update on the CourseDirector product philosophy

June 16th, 2012 // 3:11 am @ admin

As a follow up to our post on the design philosophy behind CourseDirector from just over a year ago I wanted to post an update as we get well into our second year in the Google Apps Marketplace.
In terms of our progress, the first half of 2012 has easily been our largest growth period [...]

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CloudSource Solutions and the International School of Prague announce the first Google Apps for Education Summit in Europe

April 3rd, 2012 // 6:16 am @ admin

The International School of Prague together with Google education partner ‘CloudSource Solutions’ today announced the first Google Apps for Education Summit in Europe, to be held at the International School of Prague on October 13th and 14th 2012.
The Summit is based on the same successful format as recent summits in the US and is focused [...]

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15 minute demo video of using CourseDirector

March 6th, 2012 // 7:37 am @ admin

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CourseDirector featured in Middlesex University academic paper:

February 29th, 2012 // 12:40 am @ admin

Click here to view the paper: elml_2012_4_60_50105
Link here:

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Cloud Software we use at CloudSource Solutions – Part two

February 2nd, 2012 // 3:59 am @ admin

I thought it would be a good idea as we get moving in 2012 to do a quick follow up post to my article from April 2011 about the ‘Cloud Software’ we use at CloudSource Solutions, to compare the shifts we have made through 2012. The great thing about using cloud based web apps is that generally [...]

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The Google Apps Education Marketplace turns one

January 31st, 2012 // 3:23 am @ admin

On January 25th 2012 the Google Apps Marketplace will be one year old. It’s been an amazing journey for what has become one of the most disruptive trends in EdTech and here is a brief overview of the marketplace and my predictions for where it is going.
Firstly what is the Google Apps Marketplace? Essentially it [...]

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CourseDirector presentation from LogicWing

January 7th, 2012 // 4:00 am @ admin

Below is a CourseDirector presentation from our Gold Partner ‘LogicWing’ from New York. LogicWing are highly recommended not just for CourseDirector support but also for any schools in the N.E. US looking for Google Apps training, set-up and support

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"CloudSource Solutions has been working with the International School of Prague supporting our faculty, staff and IT Department with some strategic planning work with Google apps, and training of our faculty and staff. There sessions are excellent, clear well planned, and have an excellent education focus. We are also working with CloudSource Solutions on some development work exploring options to expand the use of Google Apps in Education. They provide timely support, and have an excellent understanding of the issue related to school which provides a good base to continue to develop our work with Google Apps. We recommend them highly, and find their support, and professionalism outstanding."

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